Thursday, January 26, 2006

Blame it on Blog Envy

I meant to add to this blog much more regularly than I have. When I started it, I had no idea of all the time it takes to create a good blog entry! Plus taking pictures of the creations in progress....and editing the pictures....and don't get me started on trying to edit a Blogger template to create a unique look! It's overwhelming. Especially when I visit sites like the ones in my blogroll, and see so many beautiful things. How do you people do it, when you have jobs and kids and gardens and friends, and all the other joys and challenges of life to see to?

So, blame my absence on blog envy. I am trying to learn, though, and have taken lots of pictures for two upcoming blog entries. Both will focus on two passions of mine, good meatballs (that are also gluten-free!) and cast iron cookware.

Here's one picture I took that relates back to my Penzeys post. I mentioned that nutmeg is very easy to grate, unlike some spices (has anybody found a good way to grind cloves?). I use an inexpensive hand grater, which I've shown along with my bag of nutmegs from Penzeys.

Whole nutmeg and handheld grater

The bag shown is Penzeys' 4-ounce size. I know I've used up a few whole nutmegs from it, but I didn't keep count. Even with some missing, that's a lot of delectable nutmeg for under $4!

You lived next to a Penzeys? You lucky, lucky girl. And that is a lot of nutmeg for $4! I need one of those microplane graters, especially considering I just grated the heck out of the knuckle of my thumb last weekend on a regular one.

Want to know my secret? I fit it in when I can...I took a bunch of pictures of different meals whenever I could and worked on it whenever I had time or was bored, so that way, when I come to work in the morning, I just hit "publish" and tah-dah, I've posted! But I've had weeks where I only publish once gets in the way sometimes, but that's okay - that's what life is all about, enjoying all the wonderful things there are to do and see...and cook and eat! Now I've finally got a "stock" of posts! You'll get there...just post when you can! It takes everyone a while to get going...
Hi Michelle! The downside to living near Penzeys is that it was in Illinois. I don't remember where I got that grater, I probably just picked it up one day but it is a very handy tool.

Thanks for the tips on blogging! I'm so silly, I just now saw the "save as draft" button. I think I'll be putting it to good use, lol!
He he, that's the best button there is on the whole page!
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