Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Obligatory Blog Launch Introduction

Hi, and welcome to my food blog. I'm a fairly accomplished home cook, blessed to be from a line of very good home cooks. I learned a lot from my Swedish gramma, and my mother and her sisters. With so much more food and fresh produce available now through the internet and wonderful stores like Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe's, I've been able to experiment with many more flavors and combinations than they could. It's been fun and frustrating, but I love learning about cooking, and I enjoy both the process and the results.

With my blog I plan to share recipes, offer tips that I've learned over my years of kitchen patrol (that's what "KP" stands for, in case you didn't know it), talk about my love for good food and drink, rant about kitchen frustrations and failures, review products and services, ask for advice from others -- in other words, share all kinds of things food related.

I'm not afraid to try to cook just about anything, if it sounds at all appetizing to me. I've tried colonial American recipes, have developed my own recipes, and love exploring other cuisines. A year living in Mexico gave me a much better appreciation of the variety of that country's wonderful food, so look for good Mexican recipes from me. A child with a gluten allergy means that I often modify favorite recipes so she can eat them; I'll be sharing those too. I enjoy cooking with my children, and have tips and recipes for other cooks with kids. I love good coffee (not the burnt stuff that seems to be so popular), and am constantly looking for ways to improve my home brew, plus good dessert recipes that feature its wonderful flavor. I'm also a chocoholic, and have hopes of becoming a chocolatier some day ... look for me to talk about the trials and tribulations of chasing that dream, too.

Even though this post is all about me, I believe that good cooks have a lot to offer each other -- we can't spend all our life in the kitchen, after all! -- and I welcome feedback from others. So again, welcome, and let's get cooking!

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