Thursday, February 09, 2006

My Dream of Being a Chocolatier is Dead, I Think

I've been doing alot of research on starting a business making and selling candies from my home. I want to do this for many reasons, but I don't think it's possible. I was looking through Washington's laws and unless I have loads of money for special equipment and permits, I don't see how I can even try. And I don't have loads of money (hello, the reason for starting a business is to try to make money).

This is really depressing. I had no idea that the government controls so much of what people can do.

Don't give up yet! There has to be some way around it. Let's see...I know someone who is doing this on a somewhat smaller scale, and documenting it on their blog...I'll see if I can remember and send you a link so that maybe you can talk to her. There's always hope! Keep your hope up! Don't ever let the government stamp on it!
Thanks Michelle. I'm not giving up already, but it's going to be harder than I thought. If you can find that link it would be great!
Hi Queenie, just wanted to wish you a happy valentine's day - and let you know that i've tried and tried and tried and i just cannot find that link anywhere. Chandra at Lick the Spoon says that Lovescool (there's a link on my site) is starting her own bakery, but that's as close as I can find. I know there's one out there...we just have to get the right key words to find her! I'm writing you back, too, by the way, life has just been nuts because my research FINALLY started to work! now go get pampered!
Hi Michelle, and thanks! Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day! Don't worry about writing, get your research done so you can enjoy life out of school!
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