Friday, March 03, 2006

Making Candy Without a Thermometer

I wanted to make some praline candy for my sister's family today, but she doesn't have a thermometer. I remember seeing my mom make candies without using one, but she didn't let us help her with that so I wasn't sure what she was doing to tell if the candy had cooked enough. After a couple of minutes online, though, I found exactly what I needed, the cold water candy test. This page is so great because it doesn't just give temperatures for the stages, it tells you what's going on and how your candy should behave. And there are videos so you can see how to test your candy!

My kids love to help me cook, but they focus on how things taste and smell. I keep telling them it's important to look at what you're cooking too, and to pay attention to how it feels. I'm glad I found that page, because it's part of a big section that will be great for teaching them all kinds of things!

My pralines turned out right, I think, it's the first time I've made them so I'm not sure. They're tasty, at least. I need to hide them (I want them to find the tin of candy after I'm gone) before I eat them all!

There's a whole article about cooking with your 5 senses in Cooking Light this month - your post made me think of it! I've always wanted to try making pralines ever since I tried them in New Orleans...would you be willing to share your recipe, or where you got it? :)
Sure, I'll share it. I wrote it down so I could use it but I didn't write down the website. I got home late last night and have tons of stuff to catch up on so it might be awhile.
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