Monday, June 12, 2006

The 5 Items Meme

Michelle, the Accidental Scientist, tagged me with the 5 items meme. What I want to know is, why are these things called memes? Unless I'm wrong about the definition of that word, these things aren't memes. Oh well, anyway, here's my list.

5 items in my fridge
leftover lentil chili (based on Catesa's recipe)
half and half
fresh veggies and herbs: sage, cilantro, scallions, ginger, lemons, and other stuff I'm not awake enough to remember
grapefruit peels (for another try at Cooking Debauchery's yummy candied citrus peel recipe, because I botched it the first time)
jaggery (because it got too hard, and I softened it too much with water, so it's in a plastic bag and I didn't want it to get moldy)

5 items in my closet
an empty backpack
extra bed linens
some of hubby's winter clothes (how did that happen?)
a couple of guns
a box of books that apparently tried to escape being unpacked

5 items in my car
1 quart of motor oil
a stack of CDs I'm now sick of hearing, but keep forgetting to replace
pine cone seeds (from a dissection my kids did and didn't clean up completely)
a state map (I'm still learning my way around here)
who knows what kinds of trash lurking under the seats, courtesy of my children

5 items in my purse
I don't carry a purse. Either I wear a vest to carry my stuff or I cram everything into my jeans pockets. I almost always have:
Swiss army knife
keys (I never get locked out of house or car any more!)
emergency inhaler
notepad and pen (you never know when inspiration will strike)

5 bloggers thusly tagged
I don't think I know enough food bloggers to tag five.....and some of the people I tagged last time didn't respond. So if you want to do the meme on your blog, you can consider yourself tagged by me. How's that?

Getting back to food, I hope I'll have time later today to post another recipe. I've been pretty busy in the kitchen lately!

I can't wait to see what you've got coming! Candied citrus peel sounds yummy, and is something I've been wanting to try (and candied ginger too!). I love that you had your kids dissecting pine cones, too. I hate tagging people for memes too - I can never think of who to tag and I know some people are too busy sometimes - which happens to me on occasion! I hope you're doing well!
Oh, and what's jaggery? I have no idea!
The candied grapefruit was very good, even though I messed the recipe up. Jaggery is an Indian natural sugar, kind of like brown sugar but much smoother (smaller crystals and a milder taste). I've been exploring Indian food a bit.....
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