Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dry (and Crumbly, and Scorched, and Inedible) Spell

I think maybe I caught it visiting Catesa....she says her cooking groove is gone. Or maybe I jinxed myself, bragging about my kids being good eaters. But I've run headlong into a dry spell.

Oh, I've been trying to cook, but nothing's been turning out well. I got a beautiful red cabbage last week, which my kids normally love (but they love even more now that they've learned how to make litmus paper), but they didn't like the recipe I chose.....the same happened with our first experiment with kohlrabi. They liked it raw, but not in the recipe I tried.

I've been doing a lot of grilling outside and have been trying but mostly failing at converting indoor roasting recipes to outside on the grill. I don't know how many times I've scorched potatoes while trying to bake them outside. Last night's mess was roasted green beans. Well, it wasn't entirely burnt, the beans were edible, but the flavor was definitely off with all the burnt onion and sugar stuff flaking off the foil.

I looked into my bookmarked recipes for inspiration, and thought I'd try Ilva's easy-sounding gluten-free chocolate cookies. But I think I converted the measurements wrong, and probably messed up substituting chocolate for the cocoa powder (can you believe I don't have any cocoa powder in the house! It's an affront to Theobroma!)....and I ended up with kind of crumbly, dry chocolate rounds. So I thought they'd make good ice cream sandwiches, but they were still too warm from the oven so the ice cream melted even though I immediately put them in the freezer after making them! The kids think they're okay even though the ice cream is on the outside of the sandwich, so that isn't a total loss.....but it's been really frustrating.

I don't think it'll take much to convince hubby to eat out tonight.....

Oh, sweetie, hang in there. This happens to us all - I hit it every few days for sure, and I'm a danger when I try to grill something (or roast something, or try something that every one else in the world has mastered liek roasting a whole chicken)! At least you're out there trying! I haven't cooked much of anything lately!
yep, i think its contagious but rest assured, my groove is coming back so it probably will for you too...just convince hubby that eating out for a while will be a good idea :)
Well Michelle, you have had that horny melon to deal with. Catesa, I'm glad yours is coming back!

I did an interesting experiment the other night that was more successful than anything else in awhile....I'll try to remember to post it here.
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